Friday, January 25, 2013

Apple plans to continue investing in iCloud and other services

The financial results of Apple for the first quarter of 2013 have surprised everyone. Previous rumors said that Apple would take a good milk, but eventually the company presented the greatest benefits of its history and benefits in a quarter larger than a company managed throughout history. No doubt, an incredible milestone that will be very difficult for another company than quickly.

icloud Apple Planea Seguir Invirtiendo en iCloud y otros Servicios

As usual in this type of presentation of results, the directors of the company take the opportunity to answer questions from investors and customers, talk about the future of current products and services.

iCloud is perhaps one of the services that has been overlooked during the presentation of results and the barrage of news caused by it, but Apple executives have talked about the service and have been some very significant figures which now accounts for iCloud Apple.

The figures obtained by iCloud incredible during the first quarter of 2013

Tim Cook was himself who mentioned some of the figures obtained by the Apple cloud, a service widely used by users of iPad, iPhone and Mac considering figures released:

  • More than 2 billion are sent every day IMessages.
  • More than 6 billion notifications per day.
  • More than 200 million users in GameCenter.
  • The use of maps is significantly higher than it was before iOS 6 (this statement is curious to say the least, as it has been understood that Cook says Apple Maps are more used than they were once the Google Maps) .

In addition to these figures, Apple also revealed that iCloud now has about 250 million users achieved during the first 15 months of service exists. If this figure is compared with the previous quarter, we see that it has grown to 190 million users. With these figures no wonder that Apple will continue pushing for the service and as announced during the press conference of presentation of financial results, the company will invest effort and money on further improving and adding new services iCloud.

No doubt that iCloud is a tremendously useful service for users who use different Apple devices. The possibility of having some data in sync between an iPad, an iPhone and a Mac are very welcome and functions as wireless backup iCloud or restoring these backups make the service very much worth it.

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