Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apple officially announced the iPad 4 with 128GB capacity

Finally, after only a few days of rumors, Apple officially confirms the existence of a new version of the iPad 4 with 128GB of storage capacity.

The Cupertino-based company has informed through a press release to the market the arrival of a new version of the iPad 4 with 128GB of storage capacity. There is a new generation of the device, but simply a new version of the current coming into the catalog to accompany the models 16, 32 and 64GB that currently exist.

ipad 4 Apple Anuncia Oficialmente el iPad 4 con 128GB de capacidad

Finally Apple introduced the iPad in April with 128GB of storage capacity

The size of applications, photos and HD videos, films and other content FullHD increasingly occupy more disk space, so extending the maximum capabilities of the iPad that Apple sells is really important and I'm sure many people will choose to buy the new 128GB model instead of other smaller capacity.

Although anyone may need an iPad with more storage capacity than models that existed until now, is irremediable think the professional market for this new model with 128GB. People are constantly moving, professional video or photo you need to show your creations anywhere, healthcare personnel can carry thousands of medical records, architects or engineers who may need to carry blueprints or designers who may need to carry files large size. Undoubtedly, all these professionals (and many others) will appreciate the new capabilities of the iPad 4 with 128GB.

The new model will be available from next Tuesday, February 5 and will be standard with iOS version 6.1 which was released yesterday. The price of the new model are:

  • 4 of 128GB iPad WiFi connectivity: 799 €.
  • 4 of 128GB iPad with WiFi + LTE: 929 €.

In some ways this new model could be evidence that the next generation will all iOS devices with 128GB versions and who knows, may be a step towards the elimination of 16GB models in many cases are too short.

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