Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Apple may move production of Samsung to TSMC A6X

 Apple podría trasladar la producción del A6X de Samsung a TSMC

According to a new report released by the Taiwan newspaper Commercial Times, Apple could be in negotiations with the supplier Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) to move their production facilities A6X processor, chipset which has the fourth-generation iPad.

With this move, Apple would further reduce its relationship with its rival Samsung, the company that maintains a fairly tense due to ongoing trials that are taking patent violations between the two multinationals. It could also be a move to diversify the production of its processors and thus help meet the high initial demand for their iOS devices when launched.

For those unfamiliar with TSMC, it is the company's largest semiconductor foundry in the world and it is the first time that it is related to Apple.

In the absence of confirmation to verify if this information is true, Apple designs its processors currently Ax its iOS devices is Samsung who then is responsible for manufacture at its plant in Texas. If this story is true, then the production plant in TSMC will begin during the first quarter of this year and Samsung could lose one of its main customers in the market.

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