Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple may be reducing component orders of iPhone 5

Apple has cut supposedly component orders for the iPhone 5, including screens. The information comes from two people who say they are familiar with the matter. These people say Apple informed him last month providers. Juro Osawa, Wall Street Journal, says that this reduction is due to sales of the iPhone 5 not being as high as expected.

pedidos iphone 5 628x350 Apple PodrĂ­a Estar Reduciendo los Pedidos de Componentes del iPhone 5

Apple looks like it could be reducing component orders of iPhone 5

In the words of Juro Osawa:

"The move indicates that sales of the iPhone 5 have not been as high as expected and demand is decreasing. Probably the reason is that some companies like Samsung have launched new Android smartphones with much more innovative. "

The rest of the article discusses the market share figures from Apple and Android, the benefits, more praise for Samsung mentions market realities panel, and then remember, slightly, that Apple will report earnings later this month.

The Wall Street Journal, in general, has a good record when it comes to Apple rumors. However, rumors invented about cutting component orders from Apple, come from many years ago. Sometimes people want to manipulate the stock. Sometimes companies want to escape from the bad news to soften the impact. Sometimes new products arrive causing a decrease in the former. Sometimes offers are made or changed business models. And sometimes, good data are misinterpreted. What if even half of orders exceed the levels of 2012? Does the context changes then? Without real numbers is flying blind.

The financiers of Wall Street are almost absurd when it comes to Apple, punishing one of the largest companies in the world benefits, while others can barely survive. While we have AT & T and Verizon to announce record sales of smartphones, and noting that Verizon sold more iPhone than ever.

Apple will report its earnings later this month , and may or may not exceed your expectations or those of the Wall Street Journal, but will have to wait until Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer give the actual data and answer questions about the forecast for Q2 2013.

Until then we have to take our word for journalist of the Wall Street Journal that says the iPhone 5 will not have thought Apple demand and therefore are reducing component orders.

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