Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Apple may be interested in purchasing Waze

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IOS maps that need improvement in June is something we already know everyone (including Apple), therefore, the people of Cupertino is trying to make changes as soon as possible to prevent Google Maps they eat too much ground within their own devices by the application that launched a few weeks ago.

After rumored the possible acquisition of TomTom for Apple, now the case with Waze, the social browser about which I have spoken on occasion and likes pretty among users. If Apple bought one of the two companies may use information collected by them for their own benefit.

Of course, buying Waze would be much cheaper for Apple than other alternatives. If they bought something like Foursquare, would have to spend $ 500 million and only obtain data points while buying Waze, also would get information related to traffic routes and a fairly reliable generator.

Neither companies have said anything about this news so this is a rumor until it is confirmed otherwise.

If you are someone who has not tried Waze, we recommend downloading the application or read the analysis of this free GPS navigator is in the App Store.

323229106 Apple podrĂ­a estar interesada en adquirir Waze Waze Social GPS traffic & gas
Developer: waze
Price: free (Download application)

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