Friday, January 11, 2013

Apple Loses Appeal among younger

Do you think that the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are devices that young people fall in love? What if I told you that a recent report claims that Apple products do not like the new generations?

Right. Apparently, the bitten apple company is losing popularity among American teenagers, according to marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group. According to analysts of the agency, the boys and girls would say that Apple is finished.

Also, are quick to say that Apple has done a great job in recent years, but that teenagers are too subject to fads and now the California company has not all along. Devices that raise passions institutes are now Microsoft Surface tablets and Galaxy Nexus range.

apple pierde fuelle jovenes 525x350 Apple Pierde Atractivo entre los más Jóvenes

Not for me to take away importance to this report, but can not say that sales Surface is succeeding. In any case, a recent survey conducted by Smarty Pants shows that 67 percent of teens with money want an iPhone as their next purchase, compared to 22 percent who chose a smartphone from Samsung.

These percentages are alarming for Apple, which until recently dominated almost all the preferences of young people. What could have happened?

First, the recent problems with Siri, antennas, or maps of iOS 6. Then there is the lack of compatibility with some important things for teenagers, such as file transfer via Bluetooth, the presence of Flash in browsers or difficulty of putting files using an SD card.

In addition, competition has made ​​millions of dollars on marketing campaigns for younger people, as once did Apple itself. Growing disillusionment of adolescents by Apple products could be the result of all these factors.

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