Friday, January 25, 2013

Apple is no longer the world's most valuable company

apple2 Apple ya no es la empresa más valiosa del mundo

Last summer impatient expected to surpass Apple shares of Exxon Mobil. Finally, this happened and not only that, but the most important technology company in the world got the share price will exceed $ 700: a record. The first time surpassed Exxon Mobil AAPL was in August 2011, when Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple and Tim Cook assumed office.

However, Apple has now ceased to be the "world's most valuable company" once again. Exxon Mobil wanted his title back and a few hours ago has again become the most valuable company in the stock exchange.

Since Apple announced its financial results on Wednesday, its shares have plunged and the California company registered in the past two days, fell more than 12% in value of its shares. Analysts say that "the results obtained by Apple are not as good as expected", although this last fiscal quarter has been the most successful in the history of Apple.

Again, Apple's enemies claim that "the company is finished and needs to innovate." Some statements with little logic, if we look at the figures collected by Apple for the past three months.

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