Monday, January 7, 2013

Apple gives new record figures related to the App Store

 Apple da nuevas cifras de récord relacionadas con la App Store

The growth of the App Store continues. There is growing iOS devices and developers continue to see in the Apple app store a very profitable business. Every month thousands of applications are received, which confirms Apple announced that there are more than 775,000 app s, of which 300,000 are native to the iPad and the iPad Mini.

In total, we have exceeded 40,000 million downloads, of which almost half are installations during 2012 we have just left.

Meanwhile, developers have admitted seven billion dollars in the App Store. A huge amount has been mainly in the hands of big developers and applications that have found the key to success, something that is only available to very few. We can not let the fact that Apple has 500 million active user accounts and associated with a credit or debit card.

All these figures are very good but for me there is one that has lost focus: the number of available applications. While the system highlights of the App Store is so poor, the cake will continue to be divided between a few also are always the same (Rovio, EA, Gameloft, ...) while the small developer who designs a truly useful and innovative application , is left behind in the ranking positions because it is completely invisible unless you know the name of the application (which is rarely).

Not to mention the unpopular measure to raise prices of applications that took place a few months ago ...

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Source - Engadget Mobile

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