Thursday, January 10, 2013

Apple denies the rumor about the low cost iPhone

phil schiller iphone Apple desmiente el rumor acerca del iPhone de bajo coste

Rarely have we seen a manager of Apple related rumors rule on the company, but apparently the vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, wanted to give his opinion on the latest news published by the Wall Street Journal.

A few days ago we showed our skepticism about the article published or the Wall Street Journal, in which he turned again to ensure that Apple is developing a low-cost iPhone to market launch later this year with a price rondase 100 dollars. The reason Apple would gain greater market share.

Publication reports the Shanghai Evening News, Phil Schiller has flatly denied the rumor in an interview with the media. For Schiller what matters is the user experience which is why Apple's strategy is to launch quality products "that are the best in the market."

Moreover, Schiller would have rejected the reason that "Apple wants to take more market since the California company currently has 75% of market benefits."

It was clear that a low cost iPhone never fit with Apple's strategy.

Source- 9to5Mac

Article Apple denies the rumor about the low cost iPhone was originally published in News iPhone .

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