Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple bets on Indonesia, investing three million dollars in its first store

apple indonesia Apple apuesta por Indonesia, invirtiendo tres millones de dólares en su primera tienda

Apple prepares its landing in Indonesia. While Apple could market their products in China during 2008 and 2010, finally had to stop business due to the difficulty involved make all shipments from Singapore.

Now, the government of Indonesia confirms a rumor that Apple wants to have presence in the country. The apple has been authorized to spend between two and three million dollars in the first store to open in Indonesia and to be located in its capital, Jakarta.

The iPhone 5 is already sold in that territory since last month through telephone operators. Apple also recently given access to iTunes Stor ea inhabitants of Indonesia. No doubt that with such large monetary investment, the store opens in the country to become a "significant store".

Foxconn has also opted for the same territory, opening several production plants. In total, the Taiwanese company will invest 10 billion dollars in its expansion in different cities in Indonesia.

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Source- The Next Web

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