Saturday, January 5, 2013

Apple abandons his battle with Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

siii mini Apple abandona su batalla contra el Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

Apple does not make any grace that Samsung presented a few months ago a mini version of its Galaxy SIII to compete directly with the iPhone 5 in Europe. Does Samsung excuse this time? Provide a device with a smaller screen exclusively for European users, "because these smartphones such demand characteristics".

In short, Samsung wanted to compete directly with the format of the iPhone 5 and Apple steal market in the old continent. For this reason, Apple added mini Samsung Galaxy SIII his lawsuit against the South Korean courts in San Jose, California. Next to the Galaxy SIII mini appeared new Samsung devices that add to the overall demand for Apple against Samsung in the United States.

Samsung's lawyers fought back claiming that the Galaxy SIII mini not manufactured nor distributed in the United States, which can not be encompassed in the country's demand.

Meanwhile, Apple's legal team initially said he had been able to order through Amazon, units that were sent to the United States. However, Apple has finally acknowledged that the mini SIII has no market in the country and has withdrawn its application.

Samsung Apple still owes the 1,049 billion won in the ruling last August.

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