Sunday, January 13, 2013

AnyGlove turn your gloves winter gloves for touch screens

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Applying AnyGlove drops converts your gloves winter gloves touchscreen compatible with the iPhone with just a few drops as we can see in the video header.

AnyGlove is a fast, easy and inexpensive for the problem of having to remove your gloves to use devices with a touch screen. AnyGlove not a permanent solution, but the functionality may last weeks or months, depending on the type of gloves and how they are used. If the function vanishes, simply re-apply a few drops on the fingertips of the glove and you will again be compatible with your display.

102190 1280 AnyGlove convierte tus guantes de invierno en guantes para pantallas táctiles

● Convert almost any glove into a touchscreen glove.
● With five to 10 drops of AnyGlove and you can use your favorite gloves with all your applications.
● Magically transform your work gloves, running, mountain biking, bikes and more.
● Forget touch gloves ugly or poor quality for your sport or activity and not harbor, with this product you want to use the gloves .

The drops are $ 15 and can be purchased at Amazon

Would not it be nice to use the gloves that you like, that are warm, stylish and still be able to use your iPhone?

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