Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another concept of improvement via Jailbreak, this time for the notification center

concepto CN Otro concepto de mejora via Jailbreak, esta vez para el centro de notificaciones

If yesterday I teach a great concept for improving the camera button on the lock screen to add new functionality today we show a similar concept to the Notifications Center. And is that lately, between these two concepts that will be realized in the coming weeks and Auxo, perfect multitasking for the iPhone 5 that appeared in Cydia a few days ago, we do not stop with news of Cydia, we had some time with modifications less palatable, but took a few days that everything that appears in Cydia is great.

In this case it is an improvement for the buttons to share Notifications Center, those buttons to share on Twitter and on Facebook we have in the top of the notification center. With this improvement we can not just keep sharing on Twitter and Facebook but sending an SMS or IMessages quickly add an event to the calendar or add a new reminder. Also when pressed will open a popup window as it does now with Twitter and Facebook, you can see the example at the calendar on the right.

Right now the change is underway, and it will take a few weeks to see the light, its creator is Joshua Tucker, creator of modifications as Fullscreen for Safari, Emblem or Reveal that shows you notifications long complete, you simply slide for viewing.

Will be available soon in Cydia, and surely will pay as almost all modifications of this developer. Not yet even name. We will keep you informed as always.

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