Thursday, January 24, 2013

And if we go to the other extreme: iPhone Math

Just yesterday I commented on the possible iPhone "mini" or low cost, bara for compas, now imagine that this year will launch one, not two, but three models so the rumors are crazy . This is something that says China Times magazine and famous, but anonymous, reliable sources, which ensure that the end of this 2013 we will have an iPhone 5S (screen 4 "), a mini iPhone (screen 3.5") and a iPhone Math (Screen 4.8 "), and all in different colors.

The Math iPhone launch would be a niche market cover another, yes another one, which is growing and being led by the phonetablet SAMSUNG, a mixture of cellular and tablet. These are characterized by Pohonetablet screens larger than 4 "and less than 7", and we have many examples today.

This iPhone would have a retina display of 4.8 "chamber 12 or 13 megapixels, an aluminum finish on the back and come in different colors. A new feature is the proportion of the iPhone, and that this time would grow in width, keeping the top of the iPhone 5.

The guys as did a model might be the rumored iPhone Math

Therefore it is not surprising rumor as is usually the time when more rumors come to light, which gives me some concern is that these rumors were right last year to 100% in terms of iPad Mini, iPhone 4 ", and their designs, the year has just begun and I expect a flurry of rumors intensified as it approaches the "Worldwide Developers Conference (WWC)" and any further submissions that they give.

You guys are saying this year will see three iPhones or iPhone 5S only expected?

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