Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Analysts say the iPhone 5S production will begin in March

iphone 5s Varios analistas aseguran que la producción del iPhone 5S comenzará en marzo

Many speculations are collecting these days about the decline in the production of the iPhone 5, the potential low cost iPhone and iPhone 5S. But the fact is that rumors begin to gradually connect with each other and hand from different sources.

Today, analyst Peter Misek said that Apple is testing two prototypes now iPhones in their headquarters. One corresponds to the iPhone 5S, while the other, with unknown name could be the low cost iPhone. This would be consistent with the information published by the Wall Street Journal and DigiTimes.

The reports go even further and say that Apple will start producing the iPhone 5S in March to market over the summer, returning to their previous release strategy. The latter information makes sense when you consider that Apple has ordered to cut production of the iPhone 5: that does not mean that the iPhone 5 demand has dropped dramatically, but the company is preparing to launch another terminal.

What do you think of these rumors?

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