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Analysts said the iPhone 5S will have several colors and two screen sizes

We have only three days in 2013 and rumors are beginning to emerge about upcoming Apple products. On January 1 we saw how a developer unknown detected traces of iOS in July and next iPhone in some records, so it is clear, in case anyone doubted it, that Apple is working on its upcoming devices.

iPhone 5S colores 650x293 Según los Analistas el iPhone 5S Tendrá varios Colores y Dos Tamaños de Pantalla

One analyst predicted recently that the iPhone would be launched in June 5S with multiple color options and wait to read this, two different screen sizes!.

BGR notes a report by Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, which thinks the sales-related taxes are to blame for the recent downward trend in the price of Apple shares. Brian expects a negative cycle of news that Apple will be broken in 2013. Here are his words:

"We believe that there is still much to expect from Apple, including the potential to provide more options (colors and sizes) in the next iPhone in 2013, along with accelerated momentum iPad Mini and the continued strengthening of the large iPad franchise."

Their predictions indicate that the next iPhone will give more options to the user:

"This implies an expansion in both colors and patterns on the screen sizes in the next iPhone (probably called iPhone 5S), now thought it might be released on May / June, starting production in March / April."

Estimating the June release coincides with the expectation Peter Misek, who also noted that June would be the month of launch of the next iPhone. Misek believes that the new iPhone and will support NFC, will IGZO Retina display 4.8-inch, quad-core processor called A7 and a new design with no home button, also including possibly full gesture control.

Following Brian White, also states:

"Our analyzes indicate that the next iPhone will offer customers more options in terms of screen size, although Apple now offers a 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4 and 4S, and a 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5, the company has never offered multiple screen sizes in one model.

We believe that this will change in the next iPhone and offer different screen sizes, which we believe will allow Apple bifurcate best on the market and expand their reach. "

And, on what basis to believe this?

Well do not know. But if we know we are in hunting season rumors about Apple, so we assume that any statement is "valid".

Do not rule out the possibility that Apple release the next iPhone in several colors, the end of the day the iPod was originally released in black and now have multi-colored iPod. People like to personalize their devices and colors give more choice to consumers.

But two screen sizes? I see it unlikely. But hey, we're in 2013 and is the Apple of Tim Cook, so we should not totally discount some amazing changes in the marketing strategy of Apple. For example, in 2012 abandoned its update cycle launching the iPad in April only six months after launching the iPad 3. He also launched the iPhone 5 in September, breaking his usual renewal cycle by mid-year.

In any case, Samsung has put some pressure on the market by Apple bombarding multiple different smartphones. With iPhone 5, Apple for the first time gave and gave the public a 4-inch smartphone.

However, arguably many users still want a bigger iPhone. Provide the next iPhone in two sizes, a 4-inch and one with a larger screen, could attract a wider audience, which would be good for Apple.

This, however, would fragment the platform a little inevitably, because the iPhone introduced a new larger screen resolution. If this happens, it would be pretty safe to assume that the iPhone would have a bigger screen Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and 16:9 ratio.

What do you think of this rumor?

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