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Analysts are not sure, but Apple Q1 could be very good

It is difficult to reach a consensus regarding how well Apple did during the holiday period last year, with a wide range of analysts' estimates, but at least one expert believes Apple may have had a quarter record, especially with the iPhone, its flagship product, and other estimates may be misleading because of the difficulty of ascertaining iPhone sales in many countries. On the other hand, believes Fortune iPad sales may have doubled this year.

BernsteinQ12013est 507x350 Los Analistas no Están seguros, pero el Q1 de Apple Podría ser muy bueno

The international sales could make Apple beat the record sales in Q1

Market analysts have tweeted Bernstein examines a graph reported sales (but not broken) of smartphones in major U.S. companies. This company believes that the iPhone accounts for 81% of sales for AT & T (about 8.1 million units), about 60% of sales of Verizon (just under 6 million units) and 2.77 million units for Sprint, which would add a total of 16.75 million iPhones sold in the United States.

Assuming that U.S. sales represent 40% of the total, the iPhone could reach nearly 42 million units sold. But the figure is likely to represent between 30% and 35% of total sales, which would mean that Apple managed to sell between 47 and 56 million units.

Although the iPhone 5 will be launched later in the quarter, Apple was very aggressive throwing the device in many countries almost at once, much more than in the previous iPhone launch, which can be a determining factor in the final percentage. Apple was even able to launch the iPhone 5 (and iPad 4 and iPad Mini) in China, although a little later. Some analysts forecast also is more negative due to the Christmas holiday period in 2012 was a week shorter than in 2011.

In the United States there are many companies engaged in the analysis of markets and each has their studies and reviews. Fortune estimated iPad sales (including all models) could have doubled the numbers of previous years during the holiday period of 2012, estimating the figures could reach more than 30 million units.

analisis Fortune 229x350 Los Analistas no Están seguros, pero el Q1 de Apple Podría ser muy bueno

The estimated average between 56 professional analysts and industry bloggers around 24 million units, more optimistic independent analysts set the number at 25.5 million units and Wall Street professionals estimate a figure of 22.8 million. Historically, independents are much closer to the real figure than the professionals. The lowest estimate was to Kelleher, 16.8 million units, while Dennis Hildebrand, Braeburn Group estimates a figure of 32 million units sold.

ipad ests q1 2013 295x650 Los Analistas no Están seguros, pero el Q1 de Apple Podría ser muy bueno

Unlike most of its competitors, Apple shipments figures are usually the same as the sales figures, even now, the company is struggling to meet the high demand of iPad Mini, which has proved even more successful larger than its older brother, say all the rumors and suppliers. Even at medium speed, the iPad can reap 67% annual growth. Not as spectacular as close to 100% growth experienced by the iPad in its first year, but still impressive half, unreachable for any other company.

Apple announced that it would unveil the results of Q1 prosecutor on Wednesday January 23, 2013. Today the shares are rising slowly after a fall of 10 consecutive months, with around $ 520 per share, compared with $ 700 which reached.

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