Friday, January 4, 2013

Analysts are beginning to show possible sales figures of Apple

ventas iphones Los analistas comienzan a dar cifras de las posibles ventas de Apple

This morning we advanced that Apple will announce financial results for its first fiscal quarter on 23 January. Well, the analysts, the trouble for Apple shares have already begun to take its first forecast on sales that Apple may have obtained during the past three months.

Their numbers, once again, are high. This implies that, if the truth when Apple announces sales lower than expected, shares fall again. This is what has happened on more than one occasion in previous conferences that were announced financial results for the company.

According to analyst Rob Cihra, of Evercore Partners, Apple could announce a 85% increase in sales of the iPhone 5, especially considering that the smartphone has became available for sale in over 100 countries since its launch in September. Apple may have sold 50 million iPhones during this fiscal quarter (including previous models of the smartphone).

The iPad mini could get a whopping amount of 10 million sales, included in the 24 million tablets expected to be sold this quarter. It is also estimated an increase in sales of Macs, following the launch of the new models with retina display, the new Mac mini and iMac redesigned.

As always, we will obtain the final answer on January 23.

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