Friday, January 18, 2013

Analyst recalls the words of Steve Jobs: Apple's best days lie ahead

On Wednesday, the Topeka Capital Market analyst, Brian White gave a talk to encourage the spirits of investors and Apple recalled the words of Steve Jobs in which he said that the best times are yet to come.

"The negative sentiment around Apple's stock has reached epic levels we have not seen in recent times and, sim though we believe the company has the best product catalog, has never been stronger," said White in a moment of his speech.

steve jobs Analista recuerda las palabras de Steve Jobs: los mejores días de Apple están por llegar

Brian White says about Apple defeatist messages are exaggerated and believes that Apple has a great future ahead

The analyst said that the orders of reduced production of iPhone 5 is due to the company required an excessive amount of material in the past to avoid running out of them during the peak demand of the terminal. These initial orders were just as exaggerated in order to limit the potential shortage of units devices.

Shaw Wu, another analyst, made a similar point, saying that the comments on the reduction of orders to suppliers of Apple is that the company has streamlined its supply chain, which requires fewer units than previously required in Cupertino.

According to the latest data from research firm ChangeWave, the number of people who are interested in buying an iPhone 5 in the next 90 days and interest in the device itself is higher compared with the peak of the iPhone 4S at the time.

The analyst also mentioned two areas that could grow even more earnings from Apple. On one side would be a possible agreement with the China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in the world, because for some time the two companies have been negotiating and have alluded to some kind of agreement. Even Tim Cook has traveled to China to meet with Chinese leaders operator.

apple tv Analista recuerda las palabras de Steve Jobs: los mejores días de Apple están por llegar

The second area where Apple could be about to give the bell rings in the tevisión. It takes a lot of time talking about it, any time Apple could unveil its future plans for the television market by launching a TV or maybe a much better AppleTV we know so far.

Many analysts agree that Apple is preparing to make the leap into the world of television, but the question is when?. According to White, the company that reinvented the mobile phone and tablets became a popular thing could transofrmar the TV market, a market with a potential of some 400 billion dollars.

Not the first time I heard rumors that Apple is in the past but is it true?

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