Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amazon wins another battle for the use of the term 'App Store'

amazon app store Amazon gana otra batalla por el uso de término App Store

When Amazon launched the portal to the world of applications by opening its own app store, Apple does not make any grace the small capacity of creativity of its rival. Steve Jobs did not hesitate to sue the sales portal for improper use of a term associated with the online store Apple applications.

Amazon Californians asked in court that Apple rejected claims and finally, that the same has happened today. According to the judges, Apple has not provided sufficient evidence that Amazon is using the name 'App Store' to deceive consumers. Furthermore, in the judgment clarifies that it is unlikely that customers think that Amazon is related to the Apple App Store: users know that they are two different things.

This victory is good for Amazon, but yet has not won the war, only one of the many battles that lie ahead. Apple still has the opportunity to prove in court that Amazon has infringed a trademark.

For now Amazon may continue to use the term 'App Store' until further notice.

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Source- The Verge

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