Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amazing Ants, Ants helps in this game for iPad

Puzzle type games are really good and enjoy them on any model of iPad have. Amazing Ants is a game that is going strong and is primarily due to its simplicity. In this new game you have to help ants to collect all the fruit they can because they are truly hungry. The gameplay reminds us to always dear Lemmings, with simpler controls. A nice little ants coming out of a hole and have to collect all the food before reaching their destination, but be careful because just walking forward.

Amazing Ants iPad

Learn to play Amazing Ants is simple because in the early stages will be led by a small tutorial that will teach you some basic controls. Ants only walk in a straight line but in its way will find objects that have to help them get around.

amazing ants ipad app store 2 Amazing Ants, Ayuda a las Hormigas en este Juego para iPad

The controls are really simple, tap the first ant that will appear in the level and will be launched. If ever touch an ant jump, but be careful because you have a very fair number of jumps that allow you to exceed what is taking all fruits.

amazing ants ipad app store 3 Amazing Ants, Ayuda a las Hormigas en este Juego para iPad

You earn coins based on the time it takes you to complete the level and fruit you've collected. Coins allow you to buy more ants to easily overcome any screen you go very fair and to unlock some levels.

amazing ants ipad app store 4 Amazing Ants, Ayuda a las Hormigas en este Juego para iPad

Here's the video of Amazing Ants for iPad:

Amazing Ants for iPad is a puzzle type game with a lot of fun very well finished landscape. The graphics are good and it works perfectly in any generation iPad, including the iPad Mini . The game we like but includes excessive amount of ads, sometimes one jumps while playing some level. Nor has convinced us that have to pay coins to unlock certain levels, which will take you to the secure game store to buy one of the packages of money if you want something more to unlock levels. Still Amazing Ants is a fun game, completely free and you can enjoy the surpassing levels not overly complicated. For the amount of downloads has certainly more than any of you may have tried it, you count that we do you think?

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