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Alleged Photos of a Fifth Generation iPad

It's been a few months since the launch of the fourth generation iPad, and unsurprisingly start appearing new rumors about the next iteration of the world's most popular tablet. This time, we echo the news filtered by 9to5Mac, which puts us on the trail of a mysterious iPad model that could be launched shortly.

Alleged photos of a fifth-generation iPad

This track is simply a series of photographs of the carcass of a black tablet with an aesthetic Cloned iPad Mini, but this time in a size of 9.7 inches. Ie finer edges and closer to the screen, rounded corners and lower weight.

fotos ipad 5 supuestas Supuestas Fotos de un iPad de Quinta Generación

These images come from a Chinese manufacturer of accessories for the iPhone, and would not be the first time that this type of content are filtered specialized blogs. Recall that last summer practically knew almost everything about the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on for months before its release.

fotos ipad 5 supuestas 2 650x485 Supuestas Fotos de un iPad de Quinta Generación

In any case, no one can confirm now that these images are legitimate. There is talk that the next generation iPad could begin in the 32GB model directly and reach up to 128 GB, and have been noticing apps developers in recent logs of access to them.

fotos ipad 5 supuestas 3 650x155 Supuestas Fotos de un iPad de Quinta Generación

The truth is that if the iPad 5 comes out this spring in the world, and should be starting your assembly and tuning. Therefore, these leaked photos marry the expected timeline for the next Apple product. Another round of rumors suggests that the fifth-generation iPad would not arrive until later this year, and this spring we would see is a model of iPad 4 with greater capacity.

fotos ipad 5 supuestas 4 650x473 Supuestas Fotos de un iPad de Quinta Generación

What do you think these images? They look good, right?

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