Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Activate or deactivate Do Not Disturb from the Notifications Center - Concept

It is increasingly common to hear people say that iOS is becoming obsolete, that Apple does not innovate as before and that the operating system needs a complete overhaul, both in functionality and interface design. In a way this can be true and although the operating system works and is one of the most "accessible" to the user market, maybe after six years needed a change, something that makes us recover the "illusion" to use iOS and feel that this is something totally new.

concepto no molestar Activar o Desactivar el Modo No Molestar desde el Centro de Notificaciones Concepto

iOS 7 might be the starting point in this regard. The head of the operating system so far had been Scott Forstall, a person who is no longer on Apple and the new head of the iOS interface is Jony Ive, the genius behind the designs of all Apple products in recent years, so perhaps its contribution could change many of the things we know in iOS.

Still yet, I think Apple should listen and see what users ask for their products, and seeking gradually to incorporate these things into their products. Of course, the company will not be able to ignore all requests, but there are certain things that could incorporate details that can help improve iOS, without requiring major changes.

Sentry is an iOS user that has long made interesting concepts of possible improvements to the operating system. This time has been racking his brain a bit and found a fairly comfortable and easy to improve access to the Do Not Disturb for iOS.

New concept of how Apple could facilitate access to iOS DND mode

Right now, to activate DND on iPad and iPhone have two different options. One is resorting to Settings and from there manually activate and the other is to activate the time switch, so be on and off automatically at the specified time ( provided they do not fail as it did earlier this year ) . The two forms are invalid and are not very cumbersome, but with a small deployment that Apple would have to do even more comfortable.

The idea is to harness the Sentry Center Notifications to toggle DND mode. His idea is to have our finger scrolling to bottom with Notifications Center deployed can activate / deactivate annoying as we can not see in the video that accompanies these lines.

Definitely an option that Apple could consider and perhaps could be implemented in a future version of iOS. Surely this will not change that many people are expecting of course not!, But could be added that we make life a little more comfortable while waiting for the big changes of iOS.

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