Friday, January 11, 2013

According to a study, Apple is becoming less attractive between younger

estudio iphone jovenes Según un estudio, Apple es cada vez menos atractivo entre lo más jóvenes

The firm Buzz Marketing Group has released a study this week that Apple does not favor among younger audience. After conducting a survey, Buzz Marketing Group determines that Apple is losing favor among younger customers, who increasingly are opting for the competing products.

It's true that Apple's ads lately gives more importance to a more adult audience, while Microsoft has opted for a young radical in the ad that promotes its tablet Surface, you can see from our sister site, Gadget News .

As noted by one of the makers of Buzz Marketing Group, Tina Wells, "young people think that Apple is finished":

"I think Apple is doing a good job of connecting with young people. These will only be attracted to tablets and Surface (phone) Samsung Galaxy ".

The findings of this study are consistent with several surveys conducted throughout the year by different firms. For example, the marketing agency Smarty Pants' Young Love adolescents surveyed to determine their tastes. 67% of respondents said they decantarían for Apple phone. A large number, but which Android and Samsung have gained considerable ground, as now, to 22% of young people would like to get hold of a Samsung phone.

Source- Forbes

The article , study says Apple is becoming less attractive among the younger was originally published in News iPhone .

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