Wednesday, January 23, 2013

About LTE and iPhone: When did we?

One of the questions in this 2013, for many, is when we will have the LTE network for iPhone 5?. And however much you ask or research on the net, no one who knows the answer for sure, we even reached iPhoneFans messages to which they have been told they will have to wait for the new model of the iPhone because the iPhone 5 is not work to have this network.

Today I went to pay my bill and saw a shelf TELCEL with LTE equipment, I dared to ask a guy on the LTE network and the iPhone 5, but did not seem to know much to mention I wanted to renew my plan, which is true, I spend an executive in a cabin without having to stand in line and some of their answers may clarify many doubts.

The first thing I asked was the most obvious is the iPhone 5 for the LTE network will Telcel? After an exchange of glances style: really be asking this, laughed a little and I replied that only the iPhone 5 will help the new LTE network, and the iPhone 4 or the 4S serve; far nothing new, but it never hurts to ask.

Then I wanted to sell other computers that already have LTE network like LTE Samsung Galaxy SIII, or LTE Nolia Lumia 900, now I look back: this I really offering those teams, much laughed and said that I not going to change my model, I wanted an iPhone 5, when I said that the iPhone 5 is not LTE network operating under since TELCEL and APPLE have to throw that actaulizaciones to enable signal reception, after much I said TELCEL rodeo is waiting on the release of iOS 6.1 for Apple to "approve" Mexico as a country with 4G network, and thereby release the carrier update necessary to enable the iPhone 5 to receive the signal.

Another important point was that the teams have recently sold iPhone 5 with SIM 6.0 LTE needed to be without this was not going to run the network, so if the team had another version of SIM when enabled this network should going to change if he wanted to have LTE coverage, of course, it would cost about 150 pesos.

At the end I could not make the contract renewal because they had a 64 GB available, I think they never will because it is the third time I go, but I said that Friday comes another batch of phones and one to make me depart renewal.

So you know, do not be fooled if they say otherwise, and they do not have to continue waiting for the departure of iOS 6.1 and the new carrier settings, and for those who bought without SIM 6.0 will touch switch chip.

As additional data I leave the areas where they would have 4G coverage only available in certain cities and those cities only in certain areas, promising to expand but if not move much in these areas live in them or not, we will be playing at the moment have LTE

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