Sunday, January 6, 2013

A strange bug added to Google search a reference to the iPad

The rivalry between Apple and Google is inevitable. Both companies are at the top of the list of technology companies, mobile operating systems and their death struggle for control of the market for smartphones and tablets.

Both companies have legions of fans who would give an arm around each of them, and to defend to the hilt the benefits of their solutions to the problem of personal mobile communications. However, occasionally we find such bizarre stories like this.

bug google adora ipad Un extraño bug añade a las búsquedas de Google una referencia al iPad

Apparently, they just discovered a new bug in Google and Google Translate Now showing the secret that profess love both companies. Specifically, for certain searches or texts inserted in such applications, receive a strange message which commends the iPad.

As you have heard. Algorithm voice to text transcription (or vice versa) for both applications decided, for some strange reason, include the phrase "I now praises the iPad" (he praises the iPad) at the end of sentences that end with "end with", "enraged with" or "filled with". In the following video you can see an example of this curious bug.

However, the bug seems to be working since October, when it announced perplexed by some users on Android forums. It came out of those circles to this day, which has expanded across the Apple blogosphere.

If you try playing in the Google translator, text that you will not put anything rare translated. Pulsáis is when the button to turn voice when you can hear the odd bug.

Does anyone ever tried it? What's the problem?

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