Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A patent on the iPad brightness adjustment based on content

Rummaging through the tide of patents held by Apple you can find funny things. Specifically, today we will analyze a patent of apple company in which he explains a method to automatically adjust the brightness of the iPad's screen, depending on the type of content you're showing. It would not be surprising that we were seeing it implemented in future versions of the tablet, as the rumored iPad and iPad fifth generation Mini 2.

A patent for adjusting the brightness of the iPad in terms of content

As you can imagine, the use of algorithms of this type provides a longer life to the battery. In case anyone wants to see it, it is patent number 8,358,273 and is entitled "screen multimedia laptop device managed by consumption."

patente brillo segun contenido 303x350 Una Patente sobre el Ajuste del Brillo del iPad en Función del Contenido

For years, devices like the iPad have the brightness adjusted automatically by using a light sensor, coming down the pitch when we were in low light conditions. Now, Apple wants to give a twist to the system to further reduce battery consumption.

We can assume that the method is based on analyzing whether advertisers is a video, photos, text, or if the user is browsing or playing. Once you have determined the type of content, must decide the best fit to consume the least battery, without affecting the quality of viewing.

The hardest thing is video or games where the algorithm should be measured every 10 frames of image parameters, in order to adapt the lighting intensity continuously.

patente brillo segun contenido 2 Una Patente sobre el Ajuste del Brillo del iPad en Función del Contenido

But not everything is automated. We have a menu of options in Settings, where you select some features like the criteria to follow (content, ambient light or battery available) or mode (high performance, intermediate or energy efficiency). Hopefully, all these features work for both iPad and iPhone, as the technology to illuminate the screens is similar.

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