Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A new clone of the iPhone 5 with Android heart: zPhone 5

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Inevitably in the market appear identical copies of products offered by Apple. Already we have seen on numerous occasions and the iPhone 5 is not free either.

The zPhone 5 is a new terminal with aesthetics similar to the Apple phone but with Android operating system, namely version 4.0. There have been some modifications to visually resembles the interface as possible to iOS.

Aesthetically everything seems to be equal to your Apple (shape, size, design, position of buttons, ...) but the materials used are of poorer quality. It is noteworthy that this Chinese copy of iPhone 5 supports Lightning cables to charge and sync the terminal.

At the hardware level (still unconfirmed), it is believed that the zPhone 5 has a dual-core 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory expandable via SD cards, a camera and a rear 8Mpx four inch screen resolution of 854 × 480 pixels.

The price of zPhone 5 around 150 euros. Mind you, this is not an original iPhone so do not buy some thinking that you can use iTunes or install applications from the App Store. Not the first time we receive emails from people buying iPhone replicas of thinking that work just like the original.

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Source - iPhone Italy

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