Monday, January 21, 2013

A new ad from Samsung says that the iPhone is not for Work

You can not blame Samsung for trying to give strong in their ads to its great competitor, so far it has worked quite well. The other day aired on TV and then it rose Samsung itself to YouTube, a new ad that is represented as a group of people are working on the development of a new mobile game using the smartphone and tablet from Samsung. The announcement highlights the multitasking capabilities of these devices, such as the ability to surf the web while a video is playing.

samsung galaxy tab 101 1 Un nuevo Anuncio de Samsung Dice que el iPhone no es para Trabajar

Samsung said in its announcement that the new iPhone is good for work and, incidentally, gives a hint to BlackBerry

The most interesting is on the second 40 of the video when one of the veterans of the office tells a young clerk who will not "consolidate" their phones because she has a "system": the BlackBerry's physical keyboard to work and iPhone is its home. She cut through his younger colleague after his attempt to explain the benefits of Galaxy S III as a terminal for all: "Allie, please respect my system."

The announcement is a bit weird truth. It is aimed primarily at combating BlackBerry by entering a workplace. There are more barbs to RIM and Apple, in an apparent change of strategy to target the enterprise market. The ad ends by saying "the next big thing for business is here."

Samsung has a website dedicated to using the Galaxy S III and Note II in workplace, call , which simply redirects you to the Facebook page of the same name. Indeed, Apple has a similar website for advice on how to use the iPhone and iPad in business.

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