Thursday, January 17, 2013

A judge ordered Apple and Amazon to reach an agreement by the term "Appstore"

Screen Shot 2013 01 17 at 2.14.48 PM Una jueza ordena a Apple y a Amazon a llegar a un acuerdo por el término Appstore

A Apple is not doing anything right at trial is being conducted against Amazon. The bitten apple company sued its competitor for a new mobile application store with the name "Appstore". The judges ruled that Apple did not have enough evidence to show that Amazon is taking advantage of the term was to suggest to users, its Appstore for Android, was the celebrated App Store on iTunes Store.

Judge Judge Elizabeth Laporte, who is investigating the case at the courthouse in San Francisco (USA), has ordered the two companies to reach an agreem or. Again, a judge has "hope" that Apple gets a deal with a company that has sued before a judgment is delivered. Judge Lucy Koh also tried in the courts of San José, in the case of Apple vs. Samsung, but not get success.

The next day, March 21, the legal teams of Amazon and Apple should meet to discuss the possibility of reaching an agreement for the use of the term "Appstore", Apple originally devised. If they fail to agree, the two companies will have to see their faces again next August to hear the sentence. It seems that Apple will win this time.

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Source- Bloomberg

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