Thursday, January 24, 2013

A job offer from Apple Intimates new API / framework in iOS 7

We bring you a very interesting information. Apple has posted on its website a new job in seeking Frameworks QA engineer to help develop "the first application for iPhone / iPad that use a new API / framework in the next version of iOS".

Now, we must bear in mind that Apple always adds new APIs / frameworks to new versions of iOS. But the interesting thing here is that directly relates to the development of a new application for iPhone / iPad which reports directly to the new API / framework.

iphone user Una Oferta de Empleo de Apple InsinĂșa nueva API/framework en iOS 7

Apple's offer reveals that there will be seven new API in iOS

Here's the complete description of the job has been posted on the Apple website:

"The iOS team is seeking a senior software engineer with expertise in development and quality control to help ensure that the iOS SDK is able to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of developers producing applications for the next big iPhone and iPad.

The Responsibility of this position will include the development and maintenance of a set of test applications for new APIs that will be launched in public iOS SDK. A significant amount of time will be spent working on a function to launch launched new APIs for developers. This includes the development of the first application that will support the new iOS SDK APIs and also the development of some services that accompany the website and try the different tools and data set to ensure that the features work for developers. You also have to work with the various engineering teams within iOS and Apple to ensure that the quality of the APIs / frameworks meets our standards. "

Even if the application for iPhone / iPad that is referenced in this offer is a test application, suggests that this new API / framework will be quite significant. So significant that third-party applications must be able to connect to it. Passbook Is?.

After rumors of iPhone sales drop and people complaining about the obsolescence of iOS, everyone is eagerly waiting to see what Apple has created the next generation of its mobile operating system ( iOS 7 ).

If we rely on history, is likely to see a preview of the new iOS for the WWDC to be held in June.

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