Monday, January 28, 2013

A former Apple employee gives 5 Tips to Secure your Apple Application

We all know that in the App Store are the major development companies, whose products are at the top and throw around prominent, and developers more modest than, unfortunately, often go unnoticed. To try to help the latter, a former Apple employee has published five simple tips that developers can apply to more modest gain some visibility in the App Store.

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Five tips to make your application stand out in Apple App Store

Not all developers are Rovio and, unfortunately, many of the applications, even if they are great, they go completely unnoticed among the millions of applications that form the App Store. Apple highlights some and put on the first page, as you all know. And also you know, almost always emphasizes applications "big" in the industry. Yes, you can play the flute and for some reason Apple is set on your application, but it is not common.

Matt Drance, a former Apple employee, has posted five points that every developer should consider if you want the Cupertino are set in their application or, at least, to increase the chances of this happening. Here you are:

  • Appears in publications read by Apple employees. According Drance words: "Apple employees seem much to us fans of Apple. Many web sites fans who read the read the brand we. If your application goes on Daring Fireball or MacWorld, surely some Apple employee sees it. "
  • We must focus on the application to run well. According Drance words: "Apple is set in the execution of the application and its design that it really does. If it does what it does well and you have much cattle. "
  • Make a video demonstration. According Drance: "People underestimate the power of a good video demonstration. A demonstration would, without bringing to the comedy video on the app will give you more chance. "
  • It uses the latest features of Apple. According Drance: "use the latest that implements the company immediately give a good boost to your application. Apple probably try to highlight the application traffic at your next event. It's something that everyone can see. "
  • Attends Apple events. According Drance: "Try to attend events like WWDC or technological lectures whenever possible. There you can meet Apple employees and you reveal your application. If you think it's good, they themselves begin to move by Cupertino. This is a fairly organic. "

What do you think? Do you have any application in the App Store?

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