Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few seconds of the movie JOBS

IPhoneFans good afternoon, today the site ETonline released a video with just over 1 minute long film titled JOBS, which, for those who still do not know is about the life of our god dear uncle Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) since its inception with Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) until 2001 (I can only assume they do not want to mess with the iPhone and iPad for a sequel, do not know).

This fragment was seen arguing with Wozniak Jobs on building a computer with an operating system with which to express yourself, and Wozniak all sure that nobody thinks that, apart from the Freeks like them, buy something, the clip closes masterfully with the following:

Wozniak: "Nobody wants to buy a computer, nobody"

Jobs. "How can anyone know what you want if you have never seen?"

JOBS will be first in the Sundance Film Festival, and the public launch will be on 19 April this year .. you will go to see it?

As a note, I had to change the video link because the page does not my iDevice, but this youtube does. The original video link is in the name ETonline

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