Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A cheaper iPhone later this year

What do you think if you say you are planning the launch of a new iPhone, of different size and cheaper than the current model? Not the first time we talk about this issue, but it is worth returning to this old rumor is gaining momentum since the last few days.

Of course, as access terminal Apple ecosystem would be as successful or more than the iPad Mini. And its main rival, Samsung, gold is being done on the cheap terminal segment. Meanwhile, the apple company has to settle for users who are willing to be another half pay in a high quality smartphone.

iphone mas barato fin 2013 466x350 Un iPhone más barato para finales de año

But here comes the surprise. This mysterious low cost terminal, that many have wanted to call iPhone Mini, would be anything but small. As I hear. According to some rumors out of Asia, the device would have a larger screen than the iPhone 5 and its primary objective would succeed in Asian countries.

It would also be completely redesigned from the aesthetic point of view and could mount a five-inch screen, following the trend of increasing size of the terminals of the competition. Yes, its power and the quality of their materials would be less than that of the sixth-generation iPhone.

In China and neighboring countries, the low purchasing power of technology lovers who prefer makes Android much cheaper terminals, thus losing market penetration already difficult due to the presence of local brands.

What do you think? Are you interested in buying an iPhone cheaper but lower quality? Most analysts take it for granted that this will happen sooner or later this year or next.

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