Sunday, January 13, 2013

A car crashes into an Apple store in Chicago

Screen Shot 2013 01 13 at 6.25.06 PM Un coche se estrella contra una tienda de Apple en Chicago

It is becoming fashionable to stamp this car against the windows of Apple. It happened again this evening, at 18pm, in the city of Chicago. But this time it seems like everything has been an accident caused by an elderly man lost control of his vehicle and ended estampándose against the glass of an Apple store.

The car has smashed all the window and ended within the establishment, which at that time was still open to the public. Fortunately there was no injury to regret: only one person had to be dealt with by emergency services, but had minor injuries. Yes, the damage has been caused.

A few minutes after the accident, the establishment has closed its doors and will probably also be closed during the day tomorrow, until officials can get the local vehicle repair the window. Apple will also have to replace all products razed by the driver.

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Source- Sun Times

Photo- 9to5Mac

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