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6 Applications for Beginners and Professional Musicians for iPad

One of the things that differentiates the iOS devices of the competition is the sheer amount of quality apps available in the App Store. In the case of the iPhone the amount is overwhelming, and in the case of the iPad the quality and quantity of available applications is simply unique, there is no other platform that offers something for tablets.

bateria garageband 6 Aplicaciones para Músicos Principiantes y Profesionales para iPad

There are applications in almost every theme and music applications there are a few very interesting, both for people who are getting started in the world of music making, and professionals devoted Do we make a review of some?

Anytune Pro +

Anytune Pro + is a useful application that helps musicians learn to play songs by ear or transcribe tracks. The application lets you slow down the tempo, adjust the pitch, repeat loops and even share your comments on a track of the song. It is a universal application, so it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

DM1 Drum Machine

Drum Machine DM1 turn your iPad into a drum machine vintage style. Includes 86 different drum kits, step sequencer, a mixer and much more. It is available only for iPad.


This application is very easy to use because it can create songs mazclando drums, bass and synthesizer. Ideal for when you Jaming few minutes to spare. It is a universal app compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Drum Beats + for Mac

Not everything is iPhone and iPad, the Mac applications include spectacular as this Drum Beats +. It is a tool that will turn your Mac into a drum machine with 75 drum loops.

Moreover, the developers have also created Drum Beats + for iPhone and iPad.

Musix Pro - Epic isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument

Musix Pro takes a different approach to the usual theory of music. The application organizes the notes based on their harmonic and musical relationships. The application includes a wide range of octaves, scales, keys, chords and modes to appeal to both beginners and professionals.


We could not forget Garageband, the application known until some time ago was only available for Mac and now also available for iPhone and iPad. GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a collection of touch instruments and a recording studio with all the features, so you can create music wherever you are.

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