Monday, January 14, 2013

1Password is updated with important new

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that from EsferaiPhone do our best to let you know news, reviews, applications, tips and everything that is related to the universe and Apple iOS operating system. Within this passion we share all bitten apple lovers, sometimes we can not help move some of our priorities or, in our view, this is a flagship product. Thus, there are a number of applications that we consider very important or, so well made, it is virtually impossible that we ignore.


In this sense, and I talked at the time of the application 1Password , a password manager wallet, profiles and confidential data, which is a perfect a warehouse to store all this information about users and passwords, that today we have created a lot of services. Today, again updated with interesting news.

People from AgileBits remains committed to improve the unsurpassable, polishing up the smallest detail of your fantastic application. A few hours ago, have released a new update for 1Password, where improvements are focused largely on better sync services like Dropbox and iCloud.

We can summarize the most relevant features of this new update to the following points:

  • Improved synchronization with Dropbox and iCloud.
  • It adds support for synchronization via USB (although trial periods for Mac).
  • Display options are added and display, with different font formats (type and color).
  • Several improvements to the iPad app, in terms of user experience.
  • Improvements for interaction with web pages in Safari, so search and URL management.
  • New and improved management of accompanying notes, which are shown in a given section.

If you have not purchased this fantastic application, do not hesitate, all your passwords remain secure, with perfect management of each of them, where you "forget" (and pun intended) of having to remember a key that both time could create.

1Password is available on the App Store at a price of € 6.99, valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here's the link.


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