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18 Musical Breakers and Innovative Applications for iPad

The arrival of the tablets are getting to change the way many of us consume daily content. Until recently it was customary to use a computer and a smartphone at times. Since landing the iPad on the market this has changed significantly and today many people use this device (or other tablets) for the daily consumption of content.

Furthermore, tablets like the iPad offer other functionalities with applications that developers create. There are applications for virtually any industry, but one that stands out most in these devices is the music, especially if we think of the Apple iPad.

garageband ipad 18 Rompedoras e Innovadores Aplicaciones Musicales para iPad

The list of music apps available in the App Store for iPad is endless. Some simply simulate real instruments and can be a good way to get started in the world of music. Other help us become DJ for a day and others are totally revolutionary applications that allow us to see the music in a completely different Do we see some of them?

18 groundbreaking and innovative music apps for iPad


Orphion is a musical instrument with a unique sound somewhere between the string and percussion instruments. Everyone can create expressive sounds, wonderful and easy melodies only move your fingers on the virtual controls on the iPad screen.


A distortion synthesizer microtonal a low design of ropes 11 and extremely low latency.


HexASound turns your iPad (or iPhone) in an instrument that generates multiple tones. The unusual keyboard layout based on hexagons, is specially designed for multitouch technology devices. Allows easily play any melody.


SoundPrism lets you create beautiful music immediately without prior knowledge. With its unique display of tones and intuitive controls for composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child's play.


Gestrument allows the iPad screen go exploring different scales, tones and rhythms using different gestures. Can combine multiple layers of instruments to get strange melodies through the movements of our fingers.


Record, play, circular, modular pitchshift and live streaming. Different ways to create spontaneous compositions from musical sources external to the device.


Processor is a real-time audio recording tool that allows you to create new sounds and new musical textures by transforming voice, instruments or songs from your iTunes library in a subtle way.

Granular Borderlands

Borderlans is a granular synthesizer to manipulate sound in a visual interface with a really surprising.


Impaktor is a drum machine that shoots samples from acoustic impulses iPad's microphone picks up when we hit objects in our environment, thus turning any surface into an impromptu musical instrument.


Donut can record audio using two dimensions, an entirely new concept.


SpheroSampler is a new generation of musical instruments that records and plays audio tracks on two 3D spheres.


Samplr allows you to manipulate sound and music in a new and creative sounds by touching the screen with your fingers. Explore the melody and texture of the sound samples with different play modes and create musical compositions with gestures recorder.


Spinphony about the photos on the iPad as records and is able to convert each image to a different tune.


PixelWave, a totally music making drawing sound waves.


Field captures different images through the camera of iPad reproduce different sounds What sounds the landscape of your advantage?


Transforms the sound color. The application is able to "see" the colors around thanks to the cameras of iPad and transform the different colors in melodies.

Runxt Life

It is a musical generation application based on the theory of "Game of Life" by John Horton Conway.

DrawJong 2.0

DrawJong Touch 2.0 is a synthesizer based on fractal structures known as strange attractors.

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