Sunday, January 27, 2013

106 minors have been exploited by vendors of Apple

apple auditoria 106 menores de edad han sido explotados por los proveedores de Apple

An audit conducted by Apple and has been made ​​in the factories supplying the company has brought to light several irregularities. The report, released by the British newspaper 'The Guardian', reveals that in 2012, 106 minors were exploited in factories supplying Apple. A Chinese company failed to explode to 74 children under 16 in their factories: the hired through forged documents and agreeing with their families. Apple has made the company to ensure the return of these young people to their homes and to be paid compensation.

But there are more scandals: several companies forced their workers to take pregnancy tests, while other suppliers came even to punish their workers without pay for more than a month. Also have been cases of young people who had to lift heavy loads and factories around the sink pulling traces of oil used in the productions.

A total of 400 companies providing Apple have been audited on this occasion. Since Apple have said they will continue with their commitment to study all cases that meet its affiliated companies ethics issued by the company from California.

More information, Greenpeace believes that Apple is less transparent in their green policies

Source- The Guardian

Article 106 minors have been exploited by Apple's suppliers was originally published in News iPhone .

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