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Fu-design launches its first cases for iPhone 5

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 6.00.05 PM Fu design lanza sus primeras fundas para el iPhone 5

In Current iPhone we have already previously talking Fu-design covers for our iPhones, iPads and MacBooks Air. What catches the attention of Fu-design, primarily, is the care of the design, bringing a touch differentiator in our devices. Undoubtedly, the Fu-design designs are suitable for all drawing enthusiasts, robotics and, why not, all those geeks confessed. A sheath resistant materials that protect your iPhone at all times.

Now the company has launched its designs adapted to the size of the iPhone 5. The official website of Fu-design are some of his most celebrated cases, as Robot 99, Ninja, Sleeping General and Safe Flight. As always, we guarantee covers direct access to all phone buttons and making the hole for the camera has been made with care so that the flash is not reflected in the holster.

Unlike predecessors covers, new iPhone 5 only consist of one piece. The price of each of the models is $ 36.99.

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Source- Fu Design

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Will iAm habla sobre el futuro de la tecnología en Macworld

Just after the end of the session with the actors of the film 'Jobs' Macworld, the singer of the Black Eyed Peas,, took the stage to discuss the future of technology and, as we feared , has also used his appearance to show his sleeve " +", which increases the quality of the camera of our iPhones. has highlighted that technology is a factor that should be present in all areas. "I hope one day younger when in class, say things like they want to change their slums." The singer has insisted that teach children "that engineer is cool" is something that should be taken into account in education. Furthermore, has encouraged all "to continue looking to the future of technology and not fall behind."

How could it be otherwise, has related all that has been their sleeves " +" which can be purchased at specialty stores for the price of 350 euros creepy. These cases, which incorporate several lenses, help improve the quality of the photos we took with our iPhones camera. The cover also incorporates a keyboard to "make it easier to manage mobile". The sheath model " +" for iPhone 4/4s now available for sale and the corresponding version for the iPhone 5 will be released in a few weeks.

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 6.57.20 PM habla sobre el futuro de la tecnología en Macworld

The pictures you take with the improved camera can be uploaded directly to a social network created by the team of and has been christened "foto.sosho" (yes, it sounds pretty bad the invention). There are designs for every taste, but at the end of the day the iPhone just bulking too: forget to put your phone in your pocket.

From News iPhone still broadcasting all events taking place at Macworld 2013.

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The actors 'Jobs' talk about their film at Macworld

Gad Kutcher Los actores de jOBS hablan sobre su película en Macworld

Macworld Fair has opened its first day with a highlight: a press conference in which we could see the actors from the film 'jobs'. As expected, the focus has been the actor Ashton Kutcher, 34, who goes into the very skin of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. During his presentation to the press we have more details about how the actors prepared for their roles and their reactions to early reviews.

The independent film 'jobs' was released last week at the close of the Sundance Film Festival and since then we have been able to read reviews of all kinds. Also, this week the production team has published a photo in which we see the strong resemblance he shares with Steve Jobs Ashton Kutcher, thanks to excellent makeup job. Ashton Kutcher knew that he faced a difficult task when he agreed to play Jobs:

"When we accept to be part of this film, we knew full well that we can not please everybody."

Kutcher confessed last week that, to get into the mind of Jobs, came to follow a strict regime of eating only fruits, as Jobs did during various stages of his life. According Kutcher had the same (or the marketing campaign of the movie), had to be hospitalized as a result of this diet.

Moreover, during the press conference, Kutcher has recognized that "Steve Jobs is his hero":

"If this story is to be told, I want to narrate a way that pays tribute to the figure of my hero."

Meanwhile, actor Josh Gad, who plays Steve Wozniak, does not seem to have taken very good reviews of own Wozniak, who last week claimed not to recognize the mode of action of the characters in the film. Gad asked Wozniak to see the film first and then full contribution and their views.

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Relay iPhone Macworld 2013 from News

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 5.45.25 PM Retransmisión de Macworld 2013 desde Actualidad iPhone

Today has started in San Francisco one of the most important events of the year dedicated to the world of Apple: Macworld. In this show we see applications and accessories of the moment for all those users who have a bite of the Apple product. Apple already has several years without attending this event, but that does not mean that interest Macworld has declined, as it is still visited by thousands of people in each edition.

From Current iPhone we have moved to the Moscone Center, where you are celebrating Macworld / iWorld 2013. The first day was marked by guest appearances: the actors in the new film 'jobs' have talked about the film's production and the first face criticism by U.S. media. The singer has also been allowed to see the Moscone Center this morning to talk about technology.

Stay tuned to News iPhone these days, because we will bring you news, reviews and exclusive video from San Francisco.

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All you need to know to prepare your device for the jailbreak of iOS 6.1

For the past few days is among us a new version of the operating system for Apple iDevices. I already did get after its launch, the developments and improvements that brought with version 6.1 of iOS that although have been quite limited, it is a highly anticipated release for the untethered jailbreak for 6.1 should arrive imminently.

jailbreak 61

In the last hours is much speculation about the release of the tool that enables the jailbreak for version 6.1, which is estimated to go live next Sunday. If it is so, since we'd like you to receive EsferaiPhone a number of aspects to consider to be prepared and leave your device ready to jailbreak and thus, have no problem in the attempt.

For starters, it should be recalled devices that do not bear the jailbreak, because his version may not be the 6.1. In this sense, we find the following devices:

  • iPhone 2G
  • iPhone 3G
  • 1-3G iPod touch
  • iPad 1
  • Apple TV 3

In case your device is not in this list, it means that you will be able to perform the jailbreak untethered to it, being the terminal support and you can install Cydia, improved and optimized for the new release. Then, we suggest a series of steps before starting the jailbreak process:

  • Make a backup of your device data:

Before starting, it is always important to have a current backup, which can do both via the iCloud and through iTunes. In case something goes wrong, you always have the peace of mind that your data before the operation is safe and fully available to reload them back into the terminal.

In addition to the backup, if you are a user who owns iOS 5 jailbreak on your terminal, you may want keep the repositories you have installed in it .

  • Prepare to restore to the latest software version (6.1):

While we can update our terminal via iTunes or through the OTA, so we install the new version before updating, since evasi0n team (responsible for creating the jailbreak) we recommend performing a full restore of the operating system from iTunes and from there load the backup made previously. You may eventually also be compatible with an update via OTA, but until confirmed better not risk it.

  • Ten computer and a cable handy:

From Evad3rs page you can see both the jailbreak status (68%), as some of the features which will be jailbroken and the minimum required. This way the software will run on both Windows, Mac and Linux, and the process will last about 5 minutes. Of course you will need a cable to connect the device to your computer.

  • Waiting patiently:

The managers of the jailbreak for this version, Evad3rs says it will launch the same throughout this week. Obviously, all the steps you can make well in advance, so be prepared to have your device ready, with all your information secure, for it is for many, a highly anticipated release.

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Does the iPad is to create or consume content?

Today we will ask a question that is not new. It is behind the old argument between those who think the iPad is an incomplete product, which only applies to consume content, and those who think they can also be used to shape our creativity.

Does the iPad is to create or consume content?

Clearly, there is nothing like a good computer to create new things in the digital world. Precision of a keyboard and mouse, the breadth of your screen or the variety of applications built for the professional sector are some of the determining factors. Against this, it is difficult for a tablet to compete on equal terms.

By now no doubt that the iPad in any version an ideal instrument to consume all types of content from multimedia or otherwise. However, when creating this content when the apple tablet finds his biggest detractors. Personally, I think the lack of a large tablet to unleash the imagination is the absence of a system to have a couple of applications simultaneously on the same screen.

ipad contenido ¿El iPad es para Crear o para Consumir Contenidos?

It is very difficult to find information on the Internet for work yet to write it, if we have to keep changing application every few minutes. So to make a sketch of something we have emailed, or to record accurate data on the calendar from a message that they sent.

Can you imagine that the next version of iOS apps lets put some split screen? How would you improve your productivity with the iPad?

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Transfer your SMS history and iMessage to iPad

In this article we will show you an interesting method to pass all your message history from iPhone to iPad. I come in handy if you want to transfer your SMS or iMessage to tablet, for later reference.

Transfer your SMS history and iMessage to iPad

This is a manual method that works with any version of iOS, and it will work perfectly if you follow to the letter. You should know, however, that under your responsibility when you set yourself to work.'ll Need iFunBox or other FTP client to extract data from your iPhone and jailbreak devices are made.

sms imessage ipad Transfiere tu Historial de SMS y iMessage al iPad

First, enter the screen and you access the Classic iFunbox filesystem Raw. We go to the folder var / mobile / Library / SMS and copy the contents of the folder to your computer. Next we will prepare the new device to receive these messages.

sms imessage ipad 2 Transfiere tu Historial de SMS y iMessage al iPad

To do this, from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch receiver of messages going to Settings and then Mail, Contacts and Calendars. We entered our account settings and disable the iCloud Contacts menu option. It should also ensure that the application is iOS messages in memory (from the multitasking bar).

This new device connect to PC and gain access back to var / mobile / Library / SMS. Save and delete everything inside there, and we put the files you previously copied to the computer. Yes, those containing our messages from the iPhone.

sms imessage ipad 4 Transfiere tu Historial de SMS y iMessage al iPad

Finally, you should select all files and right-click to access permissions. We put all the octal value in 0755, and changed the Owner field of root to mobile. Finally, simply restart the device in question to have fully-shipped our messages.

sms imessage ipad 3 Transfiere tu Historial de SMS y iMessage al iPad

Would you worked?

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