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Twitter for iPhone is updated with improvements in searches

twitter iphone Twitter para iPhone se actualiza con mejoras en las búsquedas

Twitter for iPhone customers there are many in the App Store but some users prefer not to complicate and safe bet downloading the official app l partner network. Although its interface and functionality have been questioned for a long time, slowly Twitter app for iOS is emerging as one of the most complete thanks to updates.

For a few minutes you can download version 5.4 of the application whose improvements focus on optimizing search, add new features and fix bugs to improve stability. Then you have all the changes that have been introduced in this update:

  • In a search for more tips observe issues and people for your queries based on what is happening in real time. Also see these tips when you include a tag or user name to write a new Tweet.
  • Top Tweets of important moments in the past will be displayed when looking for a specific term. When you click on a Tweet Featured in the search results you will see more tweets on the subject during that time.
  • When you open a web page you will see now the related Tweet for more background information. Just drag the icon up or down to show or hide the Tweet
  • Never miss a conversation: see all responses to a tweet on the details view
  • When you block a user on an application, your Tweets will disappear instantánemente the Connect tab in the application.
  • Discover shows a new, smooth animation when you click to refresh for more content
  • Twitter for iPhone and iPad now supports Traditional Chinese
  • You can log out of your account directly from the application (rather than through your system preferences)
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

You can download the new version of the official Twitter client for iPhone and iPad by clicking the following link:

333903271es Twitter para iPhone se actualiza con mejoras en las búsquedas Twitter
Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Rated: 4 + stars4.5 Twitter para iPhone se actualiza con mejoras en las búsquedas
Price: Free (Download application)

In passing, we take this opportunity to remind you that you should update the applications that you use to use your Twitter account from your iPhone or iPad. The social network made ​​changes to their API and all apps have had to adapt, otherwise stop working correctly.

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The iWatch Correría iOS: Siri and New Possibilities in the Cloud

The iWatch is taking more force than usual, so some cyclical cataloged as a rumor is becoming a reality for many media. According to several reliable sources that echo the various media, a team of 100 people led by Jonathan Ive would be entrusting the future of Apple clock would go on sale later this year. One of the significant developments that indicate these sources is that the futuristic device would be a redesigned version of iOS, which if true, would open endless possibilities.

iWatch iOS El iWatch Correría iOS: Siri y Nuevas Posibilidades en la Nube

A remodeled iOS

According to accounts rumors, the iWatch would have the mobile operating system with which the other devices have the block, but it would not be like that of his older brothers. We imagine that being a small size screen completely redesign iOS seek to make the most of the light of the purpose of the device. He had also considered the possibility of working in the operating system with which account the current iPod Nano, but would have rejected this idea.

The big question is how we would manage Apple appears this redesigned version of iOS. Would you let developers access? Was there also an app store? No doubt Apple would implement its star services, such as Messaging, Facetime, Notes, Reminders, Notifications, Siri, and tighter integration with all services offered by iCloud.

iWatch and the cloud

If it fails to materialize iWatch and features integration with iCloud, Apple should consider improving the service. iCloud has millions of devices connected to your database and unfortunately the service is not as reliable and stable could wish. Apple has already announced that in the coming years will increase their data center to provide a greater return on their cloud, but for now, although it is a good service is not up to the quality level that is required to Apple.

The output of the market iWatch cause a huge increase in the number of users who subscribe to their services and if the rumors are correct, this would be before year end. So Apple still has time to update the capacity and stability of iCloud before the test.

iWatch Siri El iWatch Correría iOS: Siri y Nuevas Posibilidades en la Nube

Bringing Siri on wrist

One of the first things that spring to mind when we think of the iWatch is Siri. The possibility of using the Apple assistant anytime, anywhere and just bringing it to your mouth is one of the big reasons why Apple's clock would be useful. Imagine that we are driving and just to call the assistant that could do the job that we asked without taking the eyes off the road.

The presence having Siri in many iPad or iPhone is merely symbolic, probably because at the time we used to call and wait for a response from Siri, and could have done the action that we are asking. However, things change a watch. Things happen spontaneously and with Siri on our wrist we are sure that we would miss any.

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Undo the AutoFill Music on the iPad or iPhone

If you have an Apple device, be it an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod Touch, should manejarnos and with some ease into the program that manages all of these devices, iTunes. For some it is quite an ordeal to get along with this program and functions that a priori should be simple as playing music or videos become an ordeal. iTunes is full of different functions and if not properly understand we might have trouble carrying out what we want to do.

One is the AutoFill feature, which automatically selects a list of songs in our library and full clearance of our device to the limit we have selected. One of the most common problems to play music is the first time we use this when you just want to spend a couple of songs and then we do not know how to correct it. Here we give a few simple steps.

autorelleno itunes Deshacer el Autorelleno de Música en el iPad o iPhone

AutoFill undo the music to any iPad or iPhone from iTunes

  1. As we can see in the picture above, this would look like that would have the music tab of your iPad if you accidentally selected the "Fill free space with songs automatically." We must uncheck the option.
  2. Once we have unchecked the box click Apply or Sync, depends iTunes version that you may be using. For the newest, the button is in the lower right corner.

Thus all the music that had been included by the AutoFill option will be eliminated and only those who have transferred songs manually, in the event that we have done, will be preserved.

If instead selected the option to "manage music and videos manually" in the main menu of our device in iTunes, we must go to the tab "This iPad" to uncheck the AutoFill option. In addition we will find a menu of options that adds more possibilities to AutoFill feature, where you can select, among other things, we want to allocate space for the songs to be transferred automatically. Always keep in mind that if the option to manually transfer the contents is selected, you may not be able to undo the AutoFill if the device is linked to another iTunes library, as we do from there.

menu esteipad Deshacer el Autorelleno de Música en el iPad o iPhone

Undoubtedly, iTunes is one of the great puzzles for all people who buy an iPad or an iPhone for the first time, but you can really get a lot out of the program, you just need a little time and patience, patience.

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Goldman Sachs believes that Apple shares are undervalued

Shortly after the death of Steve Jobs the value of Apple shares reached a record high. After this and after several product launches by Apple on their value began to fall, reaching right now the minimum value of the last 52 weeks.

Along with the drop in Apple stock, have begun to hear many voices saying that Apple has lost its spark, no longer is an innovative, new products that are simple updates of already existing products and other gems style. Of course, there are also many people who do not give a cent for Apple after the death of Steve Jobs , as they believe that he was the sole mastermind behind all the magic that Apple was able to create in recent years. Admittedly, Jobs was a genius and was able to sell almost anything, but we refuse to believe that he was the only genius of Apple.

bolsa apple Goldman Sachs Cree que las Acciones de Apple están Infravaloradas

Some stock market analysts are some who join this current alarmist and now recommends being wary of buying shares of Apple. But there are others who believe that Apple will recover from this fall and recommend buying shares. Actions that if his calculations are correct and forecasts could be worth far more money within a time than it is worth now.

Goldman Sachs and other analysts believe that Apple's stock value will rise again

Bill Shope of Goldman Sachs said Tuesday that AAPL still classified as "Buy". In addition, states that its provisions is that Apple shares back to cost about $ 660 for some time.

David Kosting, Goldman also recently published a list of actions covering the agency and believes that they have more opportunity to rise. Apple is at the top of the list, with a 49.5% upside potential ahead of other values ​​such as Halliburton, Goodyear, Wynn Resorts and others.

But Goldman is not the only that has this positive view on Apple. Warren Buffer, said Monday that Apple should use its huge reserves of cash to buy back shares of the company. According to him this would be like buying dollar bills for 80 cents, that is, he believes the stock will increase in value over time.

goldman apple Goldman Sachs Cree que las Acciones de Apple están Infravaloradas

No doubt some of the comments about Apple falling too alarmist. Apple has released in the past few months (after the death of Steve Jobs) wonderful products, products like the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, the MacBook Pro with Retina display or the new iMac. Moreover, continues to exceed all sales records and revenue quarter to quarter. Perhaps Apple has the best catalog in its history today and are preparing to enter new markets.

Who is with us? Will Apple take flight again traded or think that will continue to fall?

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LandscapeVideos: force the videos to play on horizontal (Cydia)

landscapevideo ios LandscapeVideos: fuerza a los videos a reproducirse en horizontal (Cydia)

There are modifications for their usefulness become essential in our iPhones, the other day we saw QuickPhoto, a modification that allows you to add pictures quickly without having to enter the reel and sure to be a "must have" for many. Today we show you a simple but very useful.

How many times have you had to remove the screen rotation lock to see a video in landscape? And if you're lying is a nuisance then lock the rotation again right? With LandscapeVideos solves this problem. LandscapeVideos is a new tweak that forces horizontal video playing, no matter what your iPhone is vertical or has the screen rotation locked, always look horizontally, which is how they should seen the videos.

You can set it s olo work when enabled screen rotation or to always display all videos horizontally. And you can select if you want to get in horizontally to the right or to the left, as we turn the iPhone normally always like to watch videos and photos, I prefer to turn to the left, ie leave the Home button always right, for ease of pressing if necessary. I guess you will do lefties backwards right?

Requires iOS 6, does not work with iOS 5, so another reason to upgrade if you have not already, what you expect? Upgrade and do the jailbreak with Evasi0n.

You can download for free from Cydia, you'll find it in the ModMyi repo. You need to have done the jailbreak on your device.

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The Tablet could consume one third of mobile traffic by 2013

The tablet is becoming a growing part of the mobile content consumption. Devices like the iPad are a respectable 18% of mobile traffic by 2012. Later this year, the tablet is expected to reach about a third of all mobile traffic, cutting the current dominance of smartphones.

tim cook ipad 650x520 Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

The tablet could remove much of the consumption of mobile traffic to smartphones

According to the announcement of the mobile ad network Jumptap, the tablet will consume 29% of mobile traffic this year, reducing the percentage of content delivered to smartphones up to 70%, down 78% compared to 2012.

The increased use of the tablet seems more a factor of consumer preference than anything else.

While Jumptap says the tablet, with larger screens, will handle 29% of mobile traffic this year, as market researchers IDC and Gartner are reporting that the tablet will remain around 10% of total mobile handset sales , according to TechCrunch said Tuesday.

ventas tablet smartphones Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

In the race between iOS and Android, the two mobile platforms seem to be in full swing. According to Jumptap, Android is not expected to increase its market share and Apple probably will not reach Google, in terms of sales of smartphones.

But if we look at the data according to operating system, we would see that the race is more even:

datos sistemas operativos moviles 650x551 Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

While Android holds 70% of the sales of smartphones and iOS far behind with 20%, the use is an entirely different story: only 8% of Android iOS separates in measuring online usage is detected as Jumptap data.

aumento android jumptap Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

These data suggest that, although many more Android devices sold, a lot of these devices are not being used, while all iPhones sold are in use.

Although there are many manufacturers that sell Android, the action focuses on only one: Samsung. According to Jumptap study, currently the South Korean company represents 56% of Android traffic. However, later this year, more than 6 out of 10 connections will Android smartphone from Samsung.

Advertisers seeking to attract Android owners "must assume" that over 50% of their ads will appear on Samsung phones, "unless specifically target other devices," according to Jumptap notes.

What do you think of this data?

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