Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ZeptoLab presents 'Pudding Monsters'

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The game is presented by Monsters Pudding ZeptoLab, the developer of the famous application Cut The Rope involving the resolution levels by cutting ropes, today announced that the game will be downloadable for iOS from next December 20 and sure to become a top in the AppStore worldwide.

The video is now just for presentation, has no gameplay but apparently it attached images and the game will be based on solving a series of puzzles with creatures that try than ingested. The creatures follow the same line in the form and color to Cut The Rope. ZeptoLab ceases to be a company with a single application and opt for a style that surely succeed in making our devices gambling addicts from day one.

puddingmonsters Zeptolab presenta Pudding Monsters

We look forward to the release date to see what lies ahead this game, that if you follow the premise of its predecessor receive updates with new levels every so often, and certainly launch a free version to test levels to satisfy users before purchase.

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Source - thenextweb

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