Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ZAGGsparq: an extra magazine, powerful and portable

Screen Shot 2012 12 11 at 6.37.51 PM ZAGGsparq: un cargador extra, potente y portátil

We currently have a variety of covers to suit our iPhones and help give our phone an extra burden. However, this type of accessories are becoming outdated as Apple releases a new product to market. So it was with the iPhone 5, the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad in the last two months. The ZAGGsparq 2.0 external charger helps us overcome these obstacles.

ZAGGsparq 2.0 is a portable device that contains up to four loads for our iPhones and iPads never run out of battery when you need them most. With ZAGGsparq no fear that Apple change pin connector or device size, as the accessory charge our smartphones and tablets via USB cable. Besides, this accessory from ZAGG has two USB ports for connecting two devices simultaneously.

This charger features on one side four LED lights that can strike at any time to check the charge remaining. In short, it is an indispensable tool that you can not leave behind if you always regret that the battery of your iPhone or iPad is exhausted. Furthermore, ZAGGsparq contains an adapter for European plugs. Its capacity is 6000 mAh.

You can find the ZAGGsparq ZAGG store for about 62 euros.

Source- AT & T

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