Monday, December 17, 2012

Young Shon, CSO of Samsung, Apple recognizes devices used in personal

Young Shon, newly appointed CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of Samsung, was interviewed a few days ago by MIT Technology Review to discuss his new role.

apple vs samsung

However, not all were questions about Samsung, but some also pointed to Apple, questions to which the CSO of Samsung responded very interesting statements.

While talking to the interviewer about the competition between Apple and Samsung, Shon said the force could not be in Apple products, but in some of the online services that keep their users as iCloud or iTunes.

young shon

And anecdotally ... This is what she told the interviewer when he noticed his mobile phone: "Look at your phone (the Samsung Galaxy Nexus noting interviewer). It is a better phone, from my point of view. It has a better screen. It's faster. Yet how imagine how finished your answer? "At work I use Samsung devices, home of Apple. Mainly because all my systems and files are compatible with those devices. A bit complicated, is not it? ".

And it turned out to be some statements that have not left anyone indifferent, considering that now is the new executive responsible for the strategy of Samsung.

Are you surprised by that statement? What do you think?


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