Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wunderlist is updated to version 2.0 with new interesting

In the first part of our special September " Getting Things Done EsferaiPhone: Comparison of the best apps for task management "we told you about Wunderlist, a great application for managing tasks and with a very attractive design.

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6Wunderkinder recently updated the application to version 2.0, bringing with it not only improvements in stability, performance, or some cosmetic changes, but with important developments in terms of features.

To be rewritten from scratch, Wunderlist now, remembering that is cross-platform (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and Web), has enhanced its cloud sync, so any task or changes we make will be updated on all devices.

We may share tasks with a group of friends, add dates, prioritize, add different notes to add more information to support notifications and customization options.

Applications are free to all devices, so if you want a powerful application for managing tasks without an outlay of money, Wunderlist is the best option.

Wunderlist | Wunderlist HD

Wunderlist OS X

Official website

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