Friday, December 28, 2012

Working conditions at Foxconn factories have improved

In January 2012, The New York Times published a report on the problems in the Foxconn factories in China . The report caused a stir and pushed Apple to make different audits in the factories that manufacture its products and work to solve all problems found in them. About a year after the publication of the first report, The New York Times has followed up with a second report and showing how conditions have improved this year.

Apple wants to ensure decent working conditions for workers at Foxconn and other partners

One of the first steps that led Apple to improve the working conditions of the employees of its trading partners in Asia, was in March, when he met with executives from Foxconn to reduce working hours and increase staff salaries over 2013. In addition, Apple is intended to create a domino effect with other companies that are in similar situations.

Besides the reduction of working hours and increased wages, changes are also coming into the factories. According to the publication, plants have added new security measures such as locking or new protective foam they are using to protect workers. In addition, have bothered to improve the working conditions of employees, for example now use wooden chairs instead of plastic chairs used so far.

foxconn fabrica Las Condiciones de Trabajo en las Fábricas de Foxconn han Mejorado

Apple has also expanded its workforce in California dedicated to ensuring safe working conditions worldwide. During this year, the company has conducted more than 200 audits at the facilities of its partners to ensure that working conditions are safe and fair. Also, ensure that if one manufacturer is not up to Apple standards stop working directly with them, at least this is what Tim Cook said in an email sent to the newspaper.

We all know that working conditions in certain countries are very hard for workers in their plants. The workforce is extremely cheap in countries like China and that means that employees live on the brink of slavery in many cases. It seems that Apple wants to end it, although there is still some way to go and much to do to make this type of situation disappear completely.

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