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Wordament iOS with Xbox Live integration

xbox1 Wordament para iOS con integraciĆ³n a Xbox Live

Microsoft launches iOS Wordament with Xbox Live integration. Good news Xbox, Microsoft has just released its popular word game Wordament, which has been very popular in Windows Phone for a while now for iOS, and features full integration with Xbox Live friends lists and achievements.

For those not familiar with the application, Wordament is a highly addictive word game. Players receive two minutes to find as many words in a 4 × 4 grid of letters, competing in real time, on the same board. Each card is unique and big bonuses are given for longer words.

Microsoft describes the iOS version of the game as "Wordament pure", ie connected to the same servers and play with the same players that are in Windows Phone and Windows 8. All tournament play together in a continuous worldwide in 12 languages, including Castilian, across all devices.

Wordament also features Xbox Live integration. Once you're connected to your Live account, you can earn up to 50 achievements and Gamerscore of 10 have access to all your friends and Frenemies Wordament Xbox. And if you've played the game before, all your data is migrated to the iOS app.

If you have not played Wordament until today, is just as addictive as they say. The application may be in the testing phase, because curiously does not support the iPhone 5 and its 4-inch screen besides the commercials are annoying. If you like word games, this is a kind of popular game like Apalabrados but speak with your opponent, no shift.

Anyway, if you want to try the game for yourself, you can find in the App Store for free and download it from the link that appears below these lines.

Wordament Have you tried yet?

580935508 Wordament para iOS con integraciĆ³n a Xbox Live Wordament
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: free (Download application)

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Source - MacRumors

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