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Why write with the iPad?

escribir ipad 523x350 ¿Por quĂ© escribo con el iPad?

Today I want to talk about an opinion article by Jason Snell, editor of Macworld, as is written on an iPad. We found quite interesting, so we share it with you.

Jason tells that when he first came to the iPad, immediately changed the email signature: "Handmade with love just for you, by Jason Snell." As Jason did to remove the self signed Apple (you know: "Sent from my iPad"), but in retrospect, Jason explains that he believes there is something in the idea that the words that spring from an iPad are not necessarily the same words coming from other devices.

Jason explains that it is a very fast typist. In a physical keyboard can get to write 120 words per minute. But he's beginning to suspect that your writing can change radically by changing the method used to get spell words you have in your head. It also tells us that a letter has always horrible, so since coming to him for the first time a computer, almost everything had to write what has been done through a keyboard.

Writing with pen and paper is very different to type on a keyboard. The mind goes faster than the hand is able to write with a pencil. You end up paying more attention to the words, taking care of every phrase you choose, because you can simply delete and move on. Typing is much faster and easier.

A few months ago, Marco Arment made ​​contact with Jason for this write a story for his new company, The Magazine. Your deadline coincided with a business trip, so I thought I might find time to write on the plane or hotel. But as the case had already decided to travel light and leave the laptop at home.

Jason only had his iPad, so I wrote the story that he had been asked by typing letter by letter on the keyboard of the iPad screen with Nebulous Notes application. And while I was on the plane hitting the screen keyboard of the iPad, recalled the experience of handwriting of years ago. Jason says that even the iPad screen can type faster than with a pencil and paper. However, he also thought that writing with the iPad made him go much slower than if you had written with his usual laptop, a MacBook Air, which made him think that what he had written was written in a different way to how I would have on your computer.

Changes in the environment of the writing beyond the act of writing. The iPad also offers a notable lack of distractions. Jason says that when he writes in the Mac gives you the feeling of always checking his Twitter account or email, or anything else you find to distract. On the iPad, however, is more focused and, after writing, is when you take a break to check email, so it feels like a real break and not a distraction.

Jason explains that the results are there and, while items that weeks ago promised himself write text files are still gaps in the MacBook, the essays of 800 words flow from your iPad in no time. Although not considered essential Jason write everything on the iPad, says that if I were to write something for publication, now seriously consider doing so in the iPad.

What do you think? Do you think the iPad is a good tool for writing?

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