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What is Gnzl iPhone Cydia installed?

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I want to start by saying this post is biased, is a post of opinion, the tweaks that I have installed on my iPhone can not work at all for many of you, or be a reference, whatever. I write this post because many times I have been asked do I have installed on my iPhone from Cydia.

You will be surprised to see that I have a few modifications, and much is that if you modify your iPhone battery performance and you can lose, so I have only those that are essential for me, which I would call "the best modifications to Cydia".

Let's look:

Activator: required, configure gestures for actions such as turning on the flash to use as a flashlight Springflash downloaded for free from Cydia. Also use to activate the Fusion, a modification that allows sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare using the native iOS (iOS 5 that still did not allow Facbook share), this costs $ 2 in Cydia.

AssistantLanguage +: Spanish adds to Siri in iOS 5, which as you know is only available in iOS 6. Also add the other languages ​​that were incorporated in the latest update. It costs $ 0.99.

DoNotDisturb: DND mode adds iOS 6 to iOS 5, and allows access via the notification center. Free.

Infinifolders: of which I spoke a few days ago because it is compatible with iOS 6 , which allows you to scroll vertically within folders and therefore have "infinite" folder icons (the current limit is 12 icons per folder, 16 for iPhone 5). Very useful for not having to put multiple folders with the same name. It costs $ 1.99.

NCSettings: SBSettings substitute you all know, the simpler, better design and also free.

WeeKillBackgroundPro: a button to close all background applications, I use very little because iOS already does this automatically, you can buy it for $ 0.99.

WeeTrackData: a bar to control your consumption data directly from the Notifications Center, in an overview of the month, week or day. You can download it for $ 1.99.

Zephyr: the best modification that exists in Cydia, an iPhone can not imagine without it. For sliding your finger from the bottom to close open applications or multitasking. It costs $ 4.99, but I assure you it's worth.

More - Infinidock, Infiniboard and are updated Infinifolders becoming compatible with iOS 6 (Cydia)

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