Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Can Competition to take the place of Google Maps?

google maps iphone ¿Qué Puede Hacer la Competencia para Ocupar el Lugar de Google Maps?

After Apple decided to remove Google Maps for iOS and integrate their own maps and take a tremendous bat due to application malfunction, competitors have tried to gain a foothold.

Here Nokia, TomTom, Waze, OpenMaps, there are many options that are available in the App Store at this time, but they all have one thing in common: they are not up to Google Maps. Yes, Google maps today are the best we can find online. They have a lot of important information for us and it is quite reliable information, something that its competitors can not boast.

The competition wants to take the place of Google Maps and Apple has failed to take, but it is very difficult

Clearly Apple maps came too soon. Apple's intention was good and the maps of the Cupertino company offer certain features that make them more interesting than Google Maps (vectorized images that help save MB in our data rate or guided navigation function to name a few), but there is a problem that only time can fix and do not have as much information as Google maps and besides that have no accuracy when locating any street, square, city or even country if they have the maps of the Mountain View company (although they also committed errors).

apple maps ¿Qué Puede Hacer la Competencia para Ocupar el Lugar de Google Maps?

Competitors have tried, but today they are unable to meet expectations and convince at all points. Some are quite accurate when the geographical location, but just have additional information (businesses, public transport, roads, etc), others have enough information, but not well integrated into iOS or do not have Spanish and others simply could be seen as worse than Apple maps in all aspects.

Google maps have accustomed us to a quality rather large, so now you want to fight any competitor would have to offer maps with at least these features, in addition to suggestions to improve Apple maps from which we talked about at the time:

  • Information of all public transport, timetables, routes and additional options to calculate routes.
  • Facts and local businesses, as well as integration with networks that have this data as Foursquare or Yelp.
  • Vector-based graphics to help us save our rate data, plus a clear and beautiful design.
  • Platform compatible and can share information between them (eg between the iPad and a Mac).

Of course the thing is put complicated to competition and even Apple itself to achieve something. Google Maps should return to our iPad and iPhone through a Google application, but do not know when it will be. Hopefully in the meantime, Apple put the batteries and you improve your maps so we can forget about Google Maps, do not know when it will get, but it's all about time and everything arrives.

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